What is MetaMask and How to Set up a MetaMask Wallet

How to Setup Your MetaMask Wallet

This one’s a little tricky but don’t worry! We’ll take you all the way 😀

First: Install MetaMask

You can install it either on your phone or your computer, so that’s up to you.

On Computer:

  • Click Google Extensions
  • Search up MetaMask and click Add to Chrome
  • Click Add Extension
  • Once it’s done installing, go to the upper right corner of the Google homepage, and click the MetaMask extension icon

On Phone:

  • Search for MetaMask Wallet on your Google Appstore or Apple Playstore
  • Click Install
  • Once it’s done, you can enter the App

Second: Now to Create Your Wallet (Works on both platforms) 

  • You will be directed to create a new password
  • Click Create and proceed to accept the Terms of Use
  • Click on the option to Create a New Wallet
  • Choose between ‘agree to’ or ‘opt out’ of MetaMask data usage gathering
  • You will be directed to create a password. This password will help you login into your MM account through the browser extension or app on your smartphone.
  • ***This step includes adding your seed phrase or secret backup phrase. You will obtain a randomly developed series of words and will be requested to verify this word by entering it back into the browser or app.

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