How to Purchase NFTs

Now that you’re up and ready to get some NFTs for your collection, let’s take you through it!

There are different ways to purchase so here are the options:

Option 1: Buying Normally 

  • You can explore the platform (we’re biased to Care4Life) and browse!
  • When you see an NFT you like, click Buy Now.
  • Agree to the terms of the marketplace and choose Checkout

The MetaMask extension would then allow you to see your purchase price. You should also see a gas fee that depends on network activity that can sometimes reach well over US$100. (yikes, we know. But human resources cost money. :”))

Option 2: Make an Offer

Some tokens can be auctioned, meaning you’ll need to bid for them. Even if you use the Buy Now option, you can also offer a lower price! Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to OpenSea and find an NFT.
  • Click Offers to check if there are any offers for your NFT.
  • Click Make Offer to place your bid in wrapped ETH (WETH). This form of ETH can be traded, but be careful when choosing the amount you wish to bid. The amount should be displayed in the right section as US dollars.
  • Select Convert ETH and confirm your amount. Each conversion is subject to transaction fees. (You might want to convert larger amounts if you wish to bid on several NFTs.)
  • Click Wrap
  • Your MetaMask wallet should drop down and ask you to verify the amount. It should also present the gas fee, which is lower than when buying NFTs ($5-$10).
  • The updated WETH and ETH balance should be presented in the MetaMask extension. Confirm this by clicking Make Offer again.
  • Specify your amount and select Make Offer
  • Pick Confirm to complete your bid.
  • Click the Sign when the wallet drops down. This finalises the placement, and your bid should now appear in your “Offers” section.

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