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Unique Owners
Unique Owners

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CARE4Life is an NFT collection of artworks created by 6 Malaysian artists and is formed by CARE Latex Malaysia as a long-term charity foundation, in an effort to connect Web3 to the real world.

The First Hole will have a total of 10,050 unique tokens, rarities going from Epic, Legendary, Rare, and Maybe Rare. Some tokens are more valuable with icons unique to CARE Latex.

The higher the rarity, the more unique the artwork, and the lesser of them there will be.

Adopt a CARE4Life token and CARE Latex will gift First holders 1 year’s worth of CARE condoms, and the proceeds will be donated to environmental NGOs in an effort to reconnect with Nature (and with others ;D).

On top of that, you will get exclusive access to the WATERING HOLE (Discord channel) to connect with coolest peeps and have the power to unlock our next project and the direction of CARE4Life’s future.

All of this with your consent, of course. Mama raised us right. 😉

Unlocking Our Roadmap

Phase 1: (Completed)

  • Social platforms launched: Discord, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, and the Official Website
  • Refining the Watering Hole (exclusive Discord channel) to welcome new C4L adopters
  • First CARE4Life mint
  • Planting the first seeds of the community

Phase 2:

  • Releasing a new batch of unique CARE4Life NFTs
  • Unlock polls to vote for our 1st CARE4Life charity event (In Progress)

Phase 3:

  • Releasing a new batch of unique CARE4Life NFTs
  • Initiate 1st CARE4Life charity event to chosen NGO
  • Unlock polls to vote for our 2nd CARE4Life charity event

Phase 4:

  • Creating CARE4Life DAO
  • Planning our first meetup IRL to connect with the community
  • Releasing Second Hole
  • Unlock polls to vote for our 3rd CARE4Life charity event

Phase 5:

  • DAO Members co-creating the next project 😀
  • Metaverse Gallery (Past NFTs will be showcased in the metaverse)


Adopt Your CARE4Life Now!

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Get Your Reward

We’d hope you asked! CARE4Life isn’t just for show. It’s also an entry ticket to The Watering Hole, a club meant only for us and our super cool holders. This project was created solely to become a foundation that will donate proceeds to environmental NGOs, and in the future, to communities in need.

For starters, you’ll get exclusive access to our Discord Channel and an exclusive channel called the Watering Hole. Also:
- Voting rights for upcoming projects
- Physical merchandise 
- Access to CARE4Life events
And many more perks in the future!
If you’re the first holder of a CARE4Life token, you will get 1 year’s worth of condoms from CARE Condoms & second holders will get 3 months' worth.

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