So you’ve clicked on our intro page! We’re guessing you’re here to satisfy your curiosity and discover what this is all about. Well, we’d be happy to oblige.

CARE4Life was created to inspire and CARE for all life forms, whether it is a person, an animal, or a plant. To live and to breathe is to feel and to love, regardless of what form life takes. We want to remind each NFT holder to notice and care for other living beings, especially themselves. Therefore, 100% of the proceeds from CARE4Life NFTs will go towards environmental NGOs that make a difference and small communities in need that require resources.

Thus, The Watering Hole was born. It is a safe space meant for everyone who wants to have a cute animal NFT AND help out the environment.

So, come on into The Watering Hole! We will try our best to make the world better for us, for the present, for now.

Also, you get 1 year supply of CARE condoms if you’re the first CARE4Life NFT holder, which is 24 packs of 3 (Secondhand and so forth buyers get 3 months). You can prevent STIs (sexually transmitted infections) AND reduce the population. Stay safe, stay healthy ;D
(Hey, maybe that big purple guy was right, after all)

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